.ODS File Extension

Outlook Express Mailbox file

Miscellaneous File
The .ODS file format is used by files created using Microsoft's Outlook Express (version 5) email client application. These files are used to store all messages created and saved in Outlook.

They are similar in format to the .DBX file format, which is used in other versions of outlook express.

Outlook express has now been discontinued, and has been replaced by Windows mail.

Other .ODS file extensions

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    2008-10-13 16:27:58
    My sister sent me a spreadsheet with an .ODS extension. Can't open with my Microsoft Office Suite, is there another program that will open this file?
    2008-10-31 17:19:03
    .ods extension belongs to OpenOffice suite
    ( It's an bureautic suite similar to MS Office, but it's free!
    2008-12-01 15:12:36
    Thanks! Long live Windows mail!