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Nokia RingTone

Audio File
NRT (Nokia Ring Tone) is a heavily outdated audio file format developed by the Nokia Corporation and primarily used for storing and playing monophonic ringtones on their early 2000s mobile phones.

In their essence, NRT files are not much different than regular MIDI files, except that the size of an NRT file is not supposed to exceed 10-15 kilobytes in order to be properly played by the phone.

Older versions of the Nokia PC Suite were able to convert NRT files to more convenient audio file formats, however newer versions are no longer capable of performing this conversion, making it really hard to conveniently convert NRT files to more popular formats like MIDI, WAV or MP3.

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2006-12-04 09:17:38
what is thes nrt i have put ringtons in my cell phone
2010-03-12 21:19:46
I want to convert mp3 ring tones to .nrt Nokia ring tones, can anyone help?