.NCC File Extension

CamView 3D File

These .NCC files are Computer Numeric Control files, used by CamView 3D.

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2008-04-10 06:26:43
.ncc is also a tab-delimited format containing mobile phone contact information, created by older versions of Nokia PC Suite.

For a free open-source utility to convert PhoneBook.ncc to vCard.vcf format, visit
Bonnie L. Snyder
2008-12-17 15:44:53
As a technology consultant for the blind, I am always looking for freeware and shareware programs that they can use. There is a freeware DAISY player called AMIS that searches for .NCC files. How can I convert files (and what file format would these be) into .NCC format so that a blind person can read the file using AMIS?