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Update 2012: We are urgently seeking .NBU files for further analysis to help our visitors.

If you have an .NBU file you are able to send us, please email the .NBU file to

All files received will be treated as confidential and used for analysis only.
The NBU file is used by Nokia software in order to back up information from a Nokia phone. The information backed up will commonly include the contacts, calendars, alarms, and other data from the phone. This can be used to restore the data to either a phone which you are resetting, allowing you to restore the data to the same phone that you pulled the data from, or to a completely new phone.

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2011-05-28 07:29:46
Can I restore contact data from my Nokia phone to Sony Ericsson?
Sergio Calixto
2011-08-17 16:23:50
I have a Nokia telephone model E61i. Unfortunately it does not work anymore. However I have a file with the name "E61i_2011-08-09.nbu" with 385 Mb. I have used the OVI program. I would like to know if your Noki Explorer could help me to recover the information in that file. I have tried to download your "Noki trial version" but it seems there is a problem. I would be grateful if you could help me with this matter. If you have some program to get the information in your facilities I could send you the nbu File.