.NAR File Extension

Nokia Lumia Smart Cam File

Compressed File
Created by Nokia devices, these files are stored in Nokia's Camera File (NAR) format and are zipped container files that hold multiple .jpg files and an .xml meta data file.

Other .NAR file extensions
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    2014-03-03 17:57:03
    .nar is the nokia smartphone file system for its smart software
    the phone takes 10 photos very quickly and save all 10 frames as 1 .nar file for its own inphone app tp use
    Peter Emery
    2015-06-11 23:05:32
    .nar files can be opened by changing the .nar suffix to .zip. Then treat it as any other compressed file. There are 10 individual higher quality pics & 10 lower quality pics in the resultant folder when uncompressed, along with other info relevant to the Nokia Lumia camera app.