.MPL File Extension

AVCHD Playlist

Data File
.MPL files are proprietary playlist files that have been created by AVCHD digital camcorders. The .MPL file will contain an ordered list of references to other recorded .MTS video files. .MPL files are commonly used for video file navigation and the playback of video files. The .MPL file should be saved in the AVCHDBDMVPLAYLIST folder, located on the file system of the recording media.

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Scotty G
2010-06-11 18:41:39
How can I edit .mpl files? I have videos that I need to remove from the camera and then put them back but deleting them removes them from the playlist. How do I put it back manually?
2010-11-01 10:21:13
Is there any Bluray / AVCHD editor that can compile media file sequence in the Playlist? Currently, I should use my AVCHD camera to edit video content.

If I want to generate a playlist for several media stream, there is no available playlist editor in the market.