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MPG or MPEG ( standing for Moving Picture Experts Group ) is a common name of a family of standards for coding audio, video, text and graphical information (e.g. movies, video, music), within a single synchronized data stream.

Due to its very sophisticated compression techniques, MPEG has a major advantage compared to other video and audio formats with a smaller file size and identical quality.

The original MPEG standard is now referred to as mpeg-1. This video standard is aimed at small-scale systems using CD-ROM storage and small, lower resolution displays.

The next phase in the MPEG technology, the MPEG-2 standard is a form of digital audio and video designed for the television industry. It consolidates and unifies the needs of cable, satellite, TV broadcasts, as well as, computing, optical storage, VCR, CD-I, HDTV, and blue-laser CD-ROM systems.

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2011-05-23 00:37:59
I have many videos from a Sony Handycam that I cannot upload to Wordpress because they are too big. How do I compress them for uploading?
2011-08-10 04:13:58
What format is the video in? What is the resolution the footage was recorded at? Do you have a video editing program?

Most Sony Handycams come with "PMB" Picture Motion Browser on a CD. This program will do trimming and export to a format like MPEG (compressed) and also step down from HD (high definition) to SD (standard definition - a much smaller file size, but loss of some details in the video).