.MNV File Extension

PlayStation Movie File

Video File
Video file format used by Sony's PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PlayStation Portable (PSP).

These PlayStation movie files are downloaded through Sony's PlayStation store website.

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2009-05-26 13:51:02
Right now, is there any way to legally (or not so legally) remove the DRM off a legit purchased Movie that I backed up from playstation store?
2009-12-30 23:30:08
not at the moment. the DRM removal/playback is about as complex as extracting Atrac3 music from an Atrac3 CD made many moons ago lol.

Basically damn near impossible unless you have a capture card/program [HD preferred] and a really powerful computer to keep up with the frame rate/audio and video sync. Good luck.

I feel Sony should lighten up on those issues. I personally don't watch everything on my computer and if I buy the product, I should be able to play it back AT LEAST on my pc if backed up, and that goes the same for Atrac3 CD's. I have two with over 1000 songs on it and I would love to get them back on the computer. Mind you - I have tried and it is impossible to recover an Atrac 3 CD after its made and the product they say to buy that can remove the music ONLY if its going back to the Host Computer it came from...and ONLY that computer. So yeah, in short. No go.
Rifat Khan
2010-11-23 03:24:59
I bought some movies and TV Shows from Play Station Network for PSP. I wanted to delete everything from my PSP that's why I delete everything but before I deleted these I put all Movies and TV Shows that I bought from Play Station Network on My Laptop and then I delete everything and I put these back on my PSP but it's not working anymore :( can anyone help?
2011-06-05 13:59:53
You need to re-activate your PSP with your Playstation Network Account.
2011-06-05 14:02:31
And for the MNV files, you can play them on your PC using MediaGo from Sony,
It is created for backing up all your PSP's games, music, saves, videos, photos..ect and allows you to watch purchased movies.