.MDO File Extension

Alcohol 120% Split Image File

Backup File
.MDO files are images of a CD/DVD that has been split to multiple volumes. To open these files, you'll need an application such as Alcohol 120% which acts like a virtual CD/DVD drive. Once installed, you then mount the image.

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Gabriel Dega Weliandra
2008-10-25 13:51:06
I have 2 mdo files and I can't delete it. its size is 7 GB and slows my computer down. please give a solution to solve this matter.
Jay /
2008-10-26 10:16:09
Hi Gabriel,

I'll take a guess and say you can't delete the files because they're still being used by your operating system.

You'll need to 'unmount' these images first to remove this lock. I've not used Alcohol 120% in a while, but I think there'll be an icon in your system tray which you'll need to right click and then search for an option named 'Unmount all images'.

If you get stuck, just shout :)