.MDMP File Extension

Windows Minidump

Developer File
MDMP files are compressed dump files generated by Windows XP or Vista when a program crashes.

Minidump files also come in uncompressed form called heap dumps with the extension "HDMP".

A dump file is a coded explanation of what a crashed application was doing when the problem occurred, along with information about the system's state of operation. These files serve for troubleshooting purposes.

The application "devenv.exe" , which comes with Visual Studio 2010 opens dump files.

The information in the file helps programmers find out what went wrong and improve applications. Normal users have no use for these files.

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2011-06-10 04:19:29
In the last week my computer (XP Home Edition) has shut my work down (done through VPN) with a "Fatal unrecoverable error WC32.mdmp" twice. I have no idea what this means and am having trouble researching it. Can you help? Is this a problem that I need to be concerned about?

After this happens I am able to log back onto work and have no more problems. Thanks for any help/information you can give.