.MDINFO File Extension

Apple iPhone Backup Information File

Backup File
The .MDINFO file extension belongs to files created via the iPhone and iPod touch backup process.

When backing up your iPhone data to your PC, a .MDINFO file is generated which holds information on the filenames.

These .MDINFO files have a corresponding .mddata file.

You perform a backup of your iPhone/iPod through iTunes.

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2010-06-13 11:37:55
From iPhone's .MDINFO & MDDATA File's, can you open them up to get phone numbers and contact information that is lost?

My last full backup I made a few days ago is not on my backup log to reset on my phone. I had to reset phone from a faulty 3rd party app in itunes that froze my phone.

Could not find the application, so I backed up and decided to reset phone.

The backup from 2 days ago is gone, and I'm left with a back up from nearly 7 months ago that my PC strangely decided to save and not my most recent(s). I back up once a week normally.

Just need help as Apple Techs can do anything for me, so this is my last resort.

Can I read these files to get my phone contact info?
2010-09-15 07:32:43
I saved some backup files on my laptop. They are .mdinfo and .mddata files. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to read them. Can you help at all?