.MDF File Extension

CD or DVD Virtual Image File

Disk Image File
.MDF files are exact copies of the data found on a CD/DVD (commonly known as an image). To open these files, you will need to either burn the image back to a CD/DVD or download a virtual CD/DVD emulator application such as Alcohol 120%.

If you want to burn the image back to a CD/DVD, you will first need to make sure that your software can read .MDF formatted files.

The easiest option, is to open the CD/DVD using an emulator. These emulators create a virtual CD/DVD drive on your compter and allow you to 'mount' the CD/DVD image, giving you exactly the same functionality as you'd have inserting a normal CD/DVD in to your computer's drive.

Other .MDF file extensions
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    2007-04-09 12:34:44
    Download alcohol 120% or daemon tools (google them) then mount the image and use as you would a normal drive.
    2009-01-14 06:20:14
    I cannot mount a file with mdf format with daemon tools as well as magicDisc. What should I do?