.MBV File Extension

JVC Everio MediaBrowser Movie Edit File

Video File
The .MBV file format is used by JVC's Everio MediaBrowser application, this extension is given to edited Movies.

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    Peter S Edwards
    2009-09-15 04:46:08
    This is the file format the JVC camcorder software creates when you combine video clips into one large video clip.

    My question is what software will read this or convert it to a usable format?
    2009-11-05 07:01:43
    Hi - I had this problem also. If you simply rename the files using the file extension .mpg they will play fine in Windows Media Player.
    2009-12-15 11:58:55
    Everio MediaBrowser only allows a maximum of 99 scenes at a time to be burned onto a DVD. Regardless of the total size of the scenes, once they are burned onto DVD the total capacity of the DVD is used up with no space left to add more scenes.

    Example: I had 99 scenes totalling 46 minutes and the DVD capacity was 120 minutes - but once the 99 scenes were burned, the DVD showed there was no capacity left to burn more scenes. Therefore wasting over half the disc.

    Is there any way of burning more scenes onto a DVD?
    2009-12-29 13:52:03
    Paul thanks for the simple but very helpful reply. I got my edited file to show up in Youtube. :)
    2010-02-17 19:52:47
    How do I burn a DVD of the combined movies and which format should I use?
    2010-08-31 20:02:27
    In answer to Sue's question about the burning issue. If you combine some of your files first in the Everio program you'll have less files. Then you do like Paul says above and rename those combined files with the mpg extension. You can re-import it to the Everio program from there or just use some other program to burn it.
    2010-10-13 18:57:30
    I have a JVC HDD Everio, how do I open a MBV file on my computer? I can open video because they are in .mod and I have windows media player.