.MBT File Extension

JVC HD Camcorder Video File

Video File
Created by various models of JVC camcorder, these .MBT files contain raw video data recorded in high definition.

These files are can be viewed with "Everio MediaBrowser HD Edition" which is bundled with the JVC camcorder.

Other .MBT file extensions
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    2011-05-06 12:04:32
    The MBT file extension is a AVCHD Video (.MTS) the file is actually made when you record a video on an HD camcorder, first it makes an .MTS or AVCHD files then you can combine them into one file which is an MBT file.
    2015-12-12 22:57:37
    Yes Tony but how do I reconvert this .mbt file back into a .mts file ?