.M3U File Extension

Media Playlist File

Audio File
Playlist file saved in a plain text format containing the names (and sometimes the physical location) of one or more media files, generally MP3 music files.

A compatible media player will then play through the media files in the specified order found in the .M3U play-list file.

The .M3U file only contains text and does not contain any media data.

The format was originally developed for WinAmp but is now supported by many other media players.

These files contain a single header line (#EXTM3U) followed by an entry for each media file.

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2008-10-08 09:10:05
Generally known as a Winamp Playlist file, this format has been adopted by a wide variety of MP3 players. You can also use this file for redirection on a website. Use a text editor to create an .M3U file that contains a single line: the full URL to the .MP3 file (e.g., MYAUDIO.M3U contains as its only entry). Use ASCII mode to upload the .M3U file and binary mode to upload the .MP3 file. Be certain the server has audio/mpeg as the MIME type for the .MP3 file extension and audio/x-mpegurl for the .M3U file extension. You can then link to the .M3U file with the following HTML code: <a href="myaudio.m3u" type="audio/x-mpegurl" rel='nofollow'>Play My Audio. Some also use this file extension to redirect .OGG files although this is a non-standard use. The method is similar substituting .OGG and MIME type application/ogg for the media file in the above