.LDB File Extension

Microsoft Access Lock File

Data File
LDB files are files that "lock" and prevent an Access database from being changed by more than one user at a time. The LDB file helps to ensure that updates from one user will not be unexpectedly overwritten by another. The LDB lock file is created automatically by Access when a database is opened and deleted automatically when the database is closed. LDB files have the same name as the opened database (the .MDB file) and is located in the same folder.

Other .LDB file extensions

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    Peter H. Berg
    2009-02-21 06:19:45
    I have an access 2002 file that has some sort of .LBD error and will not open. I have scanned and corrected my computer but the file will not open. Sometimes there is a lock showing on an JDB error file and when opened discusses repairing registers etc to prevent but not how to fix the file. Any suggestions?