.LACCDB File Extension

Microsoft Access Locked Database File

Database File
The .LACCDB file extension is given to locked Microsoft Access .ACCDB database files.

These files indicate that the original database file is currently open.

These .ACCDB and .LACCDB file formats were created by Microsoft for their 'Access 2007' application - a relational database management system.

Access is part of the 2007 office suite and the arrival of the .ACCDB format is seen as the beginning of the end for the popular .MDB format. However, the .MDB format is supported by Access 2007 onwards.

The .ACCDB format is considered a step-forward from .MDB and supports many new features such as improvements in encryption, Outlook/SharePoint integration, the use of multivalued fields and the ability to include attachments in the database.

These database files can hold multiple data tables.

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David Wilford
2010-11-08 18:02:06
I am taking a Access course online and upload my assignments saving them as accdb extension, they come out as LACCDB and my instructor can't open them to mark. She would like me to convert the extension to ACCDB, but I don't know what's going on, Can anyone help me?