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Jet Suite document

eFax allows one telephone number to take both faxes and voicemail and sends both to your email inbox.

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2006-08-10 12:13:05
try e-fax. i tried it but got only blank pages. i will search further maybe there is another sofware that can open it
2006-11-19 16:41:45
efax asks you for your credit card number even if u download a trial version.

i have no idea how else to open these jsd files
2006-11-24 07:16:04
Rach - If you have access to a computer that is running Linux, you should have no trouble in opening a .jsd document ...that was originally created on a HP all in one machine?
2006-11-27 10:04:12
I managed to download it (a while ago now) and it was free - I didn't have to enter any credit card details either. Are you sure you selected the correct package?

You need to make sure you select the "Continue with my eFax Free registration and get a non-local eFax number" and NOT "Sign me up for eFax Plus and give me an eFax number".

Not sure if there are any other software packages that can open efax facsimiles.
2007-06-19 08:40:51
I went for efax free trial and in the end when when I subscribed I was charged. For the last free months I use popfax service.It is only 5.49$ per month and you get free and unlimited fax reception.