.JOINED File Extension

HJ-Split Data File

Data File
Files with a JOINED extension are created by the HJ-Split application; the application is used to break larger files in to small pieces, such as would be necessary to transfer files over e-mail, floppy, or USB, for instance, and then can rejoin them at the destination. The files, once put back together, are given a "JOINED" extension to indicate that they have been rebuilt from the pieces by the HJ-Split application.

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2010-04-14 03:48:19
Im using HjSplit 2.4 and OS is Vista Ultimate(32bit).

When I join files a pop-up Window says Joining Complete then I checked the output file and there was file without extension. I cant use that file. Any suggestions? (I think the output file must be some image file)
2010-05-18 12:31:51
Hi, i have some info on this extension. It is associated with the program HJSplit/Join that is used to break apart a large file and put it back together.

When it does that it created the file "filename.JOINED". As of yet there is not real information as to how to open it, however I found a few places that say if you change the extension of the file to whatever it is supposed to be,
ex: firefox.JOINED => firefox.exe, that it will work. I have not tested this tho. GL all.