.IWD File Extension

Call of Duty Game Data File

Game File
IWD files are files that contain game data used by Call of Duty 2 (CoD2) and Call of Duty 4. The IWD file may store such things as graphics, weapons, scripts, or other information to be used when the game resumes. The IWD file compressed using ZIP compression to save disk space. IWD files are generally stored in the "Program FilesActivisionCall of Dutymain" directory on the filesystem. IWD files may be unzipped using any standard file decompression software tool, however, altering an IWD file may corrupt it and make it unusable by the Call of Duty application

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2010-11-08 07:21:46
There are a few ways to directly edit these files. One of them is using Dragon Unpacker, which opens these files in a way similar to winrar, but using it to edit won't lead to file corruption. I still recommend making a backup first.

PS: There is a tool (search with google) that can edit pk3 files. That's also able to edit .IWD ones.
2010-11-09 22:22:26
What does editing these files do?