.IPA File Extension

iPod/iPhone Application File

Executable File
Files with the extension .IPA are application files used by Apple devices such as the iPod and the iPhone.

.IPA files are essentially zipped/compressed archive files utilising an Apple specific file extension, by changing the extension to .ZIP and unzipping in a program such as WinZip - some idea of the files contents can be gained.

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2008-09-15 13:37:57
Hi, anybody know how to create a .ipa file, I have my files in a .app folder and have tried zipping them and then changing the extension to .ipa but with no luck??
2009-07-17 18:22:12
You need to create a folder called Payload, put your app inside that, and then compress the Payload folder. You need to compress it with the command line, doing it through Finder results in a broken ipa. You can use the command:

zip -9 -y -r MyApp.ipa Payload/
2009-09-18 12:11:12
Hey how do I open/unzip an IPA file on my PC?

I saw someone said that you can change the extension to .zip and view that way through WinRAR but that wont work. Any ideas? Is there a program I can use?
J Alex Antony Vijay
2010-01-01 21:14:20
I am new to iPhone development. Could someone tell me how to create an executable file for iPhone from iPhone project?
The download bro
2011-05-26 10:00:30
Can someone tell me how I can get my apps I downloaded online from the download folder to iTunes. I click and drag with music, but the apps are unworkable in iTunes. Do I need to change them from an ipa file to something else?