.I5Z File Extension

IUCLID 5 Import/Export File

Data File
.i5Z files are substance export files from the IUCLID5 software application. This application is used to enter data for chemical substances and ultimately submit a technical dossier to ECHA (Eurpoean Chemicals Agency).

The format is a ZIP file format. If you rename the file extension to .zip, you can open the file with WinZip. Inside this file are a number of zip entries with a .i5d extension. These are pure XML files.

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Manoj Kumar
2009-05-14 08:34:34
We have numerous detailed chemical/substance test reports. What is the best way to convert them to iz5 format using IUCLID5 software? How much this will cost us?
2016-02-24 03:05:26
Can we rename the i5z files after exporting them? Will it effect the quality of the Dossier?