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Hangul (aka Hangul Word Processor or HWP) is a word processing application from Haansoft, and is very popular in South Korea, mainly due to the way it has been designed for the Korean written language.

Text documents created in Hangul are saved with the extension HWP. Any HWP files created with Hangul '97 or before can be opened with OpenOffice. However, .HWP files created after this version are not compatible due to the changes in the file format's structure.

Most recent versions of Hangul are able to save documents in Microsoft's .DOC format.

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I have a question about t
2007-01-17 16:39:26
It's posibles add an hwp extension to Microsoft Word to read and write on hwp?
2007-09-23 08:40:36

please advice how to open this file
2008-01-04 01:59:59
you'll need a Hangul Viewer to open that file but if you would require to edit the file you'll need the Haansoft Hangul 2002 or later installer.
Hangul Viewer is like acrobat reader
Haansoft Hangul 2002 is like Adobe Acrobat
2008-01-28 18:47:23
could help me. I can't to open this HWP files.
2008-02-20 07:49:42
As tonski02 says: you'll need a Hangul Viewer to open that file but if you would require to edit the file you'll need the Haansoft Hangul 2002 or later installer.

The link for download Hangul Viewer:

After download, install it and the file icon is change to the Hangul icon. Remember that if you still can't open the file, it's because of the file's name is not compatible with the program, change it to a simple common name and everything is ok.
2008-03-10 17:19:24
doesn't work for macs :(
2008-03-12 22:41:18
how i can to open this HWP files.
2008-04-04 08:25:16
Hey, as I say: go to this link, and you'll find the icon "Hangul Viewer Free Download" in the right vertical bar. Click and Download it (about 10MB), then Install and you can open the file .hwp (take care about the file name too)
2008-08-19 22:43:29
The link posted above leads to a Korean only site. It has a link to the English site, but I cannot find a link to an HWP viewer on that site.

Can anyone help with a direct link to a download of HWP viewer? It is very frustrating and hard to find in English.

2008-09-23 03:26:21
who can tell me where can download this software?
romulo ignacio
2008-10-16 19:53:53
good day.where can i download a free installer of hangul word processor
2008-11-03 08:09:24
Please help me. How can I open this .hwp file? I've searched all sites. It's hard to find the right way. Thanks
2008-11-07 14:56:03
The above link comes back failing for me. If I have a recent HWP document, is there a free option to be able to open it and print it? I don't need to modify it. I just need to be able to print it.
2008-11-09 06:39:42
here's a link i found
good luck
David - Link that works..
2008-11-09 21:34:58
The link you note above is also dead. However, after hopping from Korean site to Korean site, I finally found a government site that had a good link to the viewer. It can be found here:
2008-11-09 21:40:54
It looks like this is the original link that takes you to the other one (
2008-11-09 23:50:07
The problem is with hwp documents created with newer versions of Hangul. AFAIK there is no program available for viewing these files. If you want to see them you will have to get the full program.

Please correct me if I am wrong.
2008-11-11 03:57:43
david's advice worked
2008-11-18 17:42:24
How I can download Hangul 2007.

2008-11-20 06:15:44
Yes, David's link is to the 2007 hangul viewer. All hail David, king of korean word processor viewing software finders!
2008-11-20 12:01:44
Now if I only understood Korean... I think I have decided it is too much to ask for a HWP viewer in English. Also, FYI, I have found the above viewer tends to consume lots of processor while it is open.
2008-11-21 20:43:48
You're correct Naha - thanks for information. I can open and edit now the documents hwp file. Just open this site and you will see hangul viewer download. Click download ....After that you can open and edit your .hwp files. Again thanks to NaHa.
2008-12-02 06:17:21
Yes, Angelica, but the problem is that the viewer at is only for hangul 2002. It will not work for newer versions of hangul.

This link
will open later version hangul files, but is in Korean.

I guess we'll just have to wait until an English Hangul 2007 viewer comes out.

nguyen hai dang
2008-12-15 09:44:45
Thanks for all links, but I can't download hangulviewer. Can you provide another link?
2008-12-29 20:00:38
MS word 2007 can open .hwp files, no problems at all. Then you can modify the text, copy, paste, search, easily all done in windows English environment in an English computer.
2008-12-30 20:43:59
I have never found a way for MS Word 2007 to open HWP files. It tries to interpret the encoding and fails. Can you please show the steps you use to open an HWP file in MS Word 2007
2009-01-06 03:23:19
For the Hangul 2007 Viewer to to toward the bottom is a blue bar to download.
2009-03-01 19:56:37
Well I have the viewer but can't figure out how to save the files as a .doc so I can open in another program or another computer.

I don't know the Hangul writing well enough and have clicked all the options without finding a save or format function. Anyone know?
2009-03-01 21:26:10

I'm using Window Mail (Window Vista). But I can't read Hangul incoming emails from Window Mail even though I've chosen Unicode (UTF-8) to view the content.

Would you give me some help? Thanks in advance! Best wishes
Jay /
2009-03-02 15:02:49
Are these emails being sent as attachments to be opened in Hangul?
2009-03-11 01:57:19
All the posted answers are not answering the question. How do we read .HWP files on an Apple Macintosh.

Is there a way to read/convert to .doc, .txt etc?
Hunny Bee
2009-04-12 19:44:41
you can download Haansoft Viewer 2007 from here
2009-04-17 20:55:27

the site previously posted by david was very slow (2 hrs).

try this one which is much faster.
Dark Cecret
2009-04-28 22:23:31
HWP format has become a standard in South Korea similar to DOC, PDF or RTF files in other countries, the program and format is not widely used outside South Korea.
Kyu Lee
2009-11-08 22:37:05
How can I purchase hangul word processor? I would like to have price,content, where and how to buy the product.
2010-01-07 08:25:26
I followed Na-Ha's advice... and worked perfectly to me. I just needed to rename the document to "ok" instead of the korean name.
2010-04-15 17:51:00
Just tried JWK's website and it worked great. Thanks.
2010-09-12 04:10:01
Thanks Angelica and Naha!!

Worked perfectly. My only complaint is that I cannot copy and paste it to a Word doc after I finally could view it. Instead I viewed both screens at once and retyped the text.
2011-06-02 04:21:13
Wow, the VIEWER is 180MB!
And people say Acrobat Viewer is bloated!

I canceled that download in a hurry. Don't need that bloatware clogging up my computer.