.H3R File Extension

Image Data File

Video File
Files with the extension .H3R are image data files associated with the HD300 series of Panasonic 'Digital Disk Recorders'.

Panasonic digital recorders or 'Digital Video recorders' (DVR) are most commonly used in conjunction with closed circuit television Surveillance (CCTV)to provide a solid recording medium with a variety of quality and performance options.

The .H3R image data file format is essentially a very high-compression proprietary video format used by Panasonic DVR.

The only known way to view the .H3R image data files is with the 'Viewer' software that comes bundled with the Digital disk recorder.

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2010-02-24 09:36:15
I would really like to make an mpeg of a movie - not still photos. Anyone successful at this?