.GHO File Extension

Symantec Ghost Image File

Backup File
The .GHO file format is used by Norton Ghost, a disk cloning tool by Symantec.

This application is used to create an exact copy of a disk (for example your primary hard-drive) or a selection of files, which can later be restored making it ideal for data recovery or a useful tool for restoring your computer to a previous version.

Ghost can also encrypt your backups to ensure they're kept safe.

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john pasa
2008-11-15 07:01:32
How do I load/extract .GHO files?
Jay /
2009-01-04 09:00:10
You'll have to use Norton Ghost to restore these files.
2009-04-29 08:38:13
A friend gave me his computer along with discs to completely restore Windows XP. When I put in the first disc a Symantec Ghost 7.0 window comes up, inside that window it says ERROR cannot open R:T4155.GHO (T4155 is the e machines computer number). When I hit enter it comes up Cannot open GHOSTERR.TXT, then Application Error 11000 Invalid Dump File. What can I do to completely restore?
joshua hall
2009-10-28 15:20:55
I'm trying to reboot my computer, I did it once now my restore is saying can not read s1940.gho file. then it says fail to read ghosterr.txt no file dump error how can I fix the problem and reboot my computer.
2009-12-07 01:15:42
It is not uncommon for CD media to go corrupt causing the "cannot read x file" message. Normally you want to choose local->disk->from image to do a restore. You then browse to the gho file on your CD/DVD drive. If the image was made correctly it should ask for the next disk when the first file is finished restoring.
Finally you choose the hard drive you want to overwrite.

You can also restore the image from a USB hard drive, but note that if you do this from a DOS ghost boot disk, you will only get USB 1.1 speeds. Creating a WINPE disk is the best way to restore images from an external hard drive. Unfortunately it's a pain to make on and MS won't let people host iso disk images.

The error you get that says it cannot write the log file is because ghost is running from a CD/DVD that isn't writeable. It cannot open a log file so it just errors. You can change the log file location, but this has to be a flash drive or hard drive with write access. Usually the on screen error is all the information you need so the log file is generally useless.
Rakesh Panwar
2010-03-19 01:16:58
How do I make/restore windows xp ghost image with ghost 11? I am really confused about the target location?
Dinesh Sharma
2010-04-19 21:22:53
I have an image of windows7 with .GHO extension. I am really confused that how to boot the system using this file.
2011-04-28 03:52:59
I am having the exact same problem as Helen above, on the exact same computer. It's an old computer, but still runs, so I want to restore it, update it, and give it to a disabled person who needs a computer. I have done this before on an old Compaq computer, without issue. When the puter reads the CD the screen shows Symantec Ghost 7.0

Error: Cannot open R:T4155.GHO
Error: Cannot open GHOSTERR.TXT

Invalid Dump file
If problem persists, contact technical support at:

Which is no help at all... Can someone tell me exactly what I need to do to restore this PC using these CD's? Icono's post is somewhat helpful, but I am a bit confused. I wonder if I copy the files to my new PC, and burn them onto new CD/RW would that work?
2011-05-15 03:48:54
You are asking highly technical questions to which there is probably not a quick fix for. To image a computer using a ghost image, you have to first boot from a different device. Whether that other device is a flash drive or cd drive, it doesn't matter, but making a bootable cd/flash drive with the ghost32.exe program on it is quite difficult. Not only you have to own a copy of ghost to even using ghost32.exe. If you did buy ghost directly from Symantec, the home edition CD it came with should be bootable and have the to restore the gho image file. Just put the disk in the drive and tell your computer to boot from it. On many computers pressing f9 will give you boot options where you can select cd drive. If not you'll have to find the key that goes into "setup". Usually this is f10, f12, f2, or the delete key. Once in there, you set the boot order to boot from CD first.

Once you actually get the computer booted up off the CD and are running ghost32.exe, you want to restore disk from image. You shoudl be able to swap DVD's if you have your image file on a DVD. Select the gho file and then tell it which hard drive to restore to. With luck it will get to 100%. At that point, take out all CD's/flash drives and reboot your computer. Windows should load.

As for the error that Laurie has, it looks like it's trying to open a ghost file that doesn't exist. If you have an R drive, the path should be R:T4155.Gho. If you don't have an R drive, correct the location that it's looking for the gho file in. Perhaps D:T4155.gho if it's the DVD drive that has the file. Or perhaps E:T4155.gho if you have an external hard drive with the image. The key is to find out where the gho file really is and then tell ghost where it is.