.FSB File Extension

FMOD Sample Bank Format

Data File
The .FSB format is used by the FSBANK (fsbank.exe) application. The format is recommended for consoles (especially the PlayStation2/XBox & GameCube) but can be used on any platform.

The format provides the ability to load sound/audio in to the system's memory more efficiently when compared to loading each sound file individually from a CD.

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2008-10-01 18:39:23
One of my games have this file format in it and i believe it contains the game music files. Is there any way i can extract these files out of the .fsb file?
2010-04-12 01:29:51
I believe they are NOT package files - meaning each .fsb is containing only one sound/music file, or multiple samples in a single file and the game is using parts of it for effect etc.