.FLP File Extension

Fruity Loops Project File

Audio File
The file extension .FLP is the propriety audio file format used by 'Fruity Loops Studio' which is often known simply as 'Fruity Loops'.

Fruity loops is described as being a 'digital audio workstation', essentially a music creation tool based around a pattern-based sequencer and featuring editing/mixing/recording utilitys and includes MIDI support.

.FLP files can be converted to .MP3 or .WAV format within Fruity Loops.

* .FLP files may not work properly when attempting to load within a version of Fruity Loops different to the version in which they were created.

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    2010-04-26 10:51:51
    I was wondering how I could make a wav. file into a flp file, I have a lot of samples and I can't use them at all.