.FLAME File Extension

Fractal Flame Configuration File

Data File
Fractal Configuration file used by "Apophysis", a open-source and freeware fractal flame renderer and editor application.

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2012-08-28 21:51:32
I will start! I have a question...I very new to Apophysis 7x. I have completed and rendered several fractal pieces. However, I did not know to change the .flame into .jpeg or .png. So I proceeded to do another fractal. But when I went to save, there is no option to save other than .flame. So my questions are, is there a way to convert what I have already done? (I'd hate to lose all 4) and also, why don't I have the option to save as a different file type? Is there something in the settings? Or do I have a bum program? I would appreciate some help, I am fascinated with this process of art, but I am getting very frustrated too. Thanks to anyone who can help!