.FDB File Extension

Dynamics NAV Database

Database File
FDB files are database files for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV application, formerly Navision. Although the database is primarily supported by the Dynamics NAV application, used for resource planning in an enterprise setting, the database may also be accessed by outside applications with the proper ODBC settings and, therefore, may be linked to custom applications within an enterprise allowing the NAV database to be more tightly integrated with other information that a company deems necessary for decision making within their organization.

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    2008-11-29 13:23:41
    I have a family history database that has an .fdb extension. I am hoping to determine how to write some custom reports for the database, but so far haven't determined what software I'd need. I suspect it may be proprietary. Anyone know anything about .fdb databases?
    2009-07-17 17:48:26
    Firebird database (fdb). Open source software for free. Google firebird, or go to for more information. Although there isn't much there either.
    Mamoona Malik
    2010-01-25 06:15:39
    I want to open a database file with the .fdb extension. I don't know which software I should use for this purpose. Can anyone help me solve this problem?