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Family Tree Maker Backup

Backup File
FBC files are files that contain a compressed backup of a family tree (.FTM) file created with Family Tree Maker for DOS. FBC files are created as a backup in the event that the original family tree file is lost or damaged. FBC back up files can be restored by selecting "File→Restore From Backup" within the Family Tree Maker application. Family Tree Maker for DOS uses the ".fbc" file extension, while Family Tree Maker for Windows uses .FBK files.

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Marty Byzewski
2008-04-18 15:55:37
Have my database on FTM 2005 FBC file. Lost 2005 bought 2008 which does not open my 2005 FBC file....Help
sallie vaughan
2008-12-31 14:32:01
I received Family Tree Maker 2006 as a gift and I have lost the installation CD and I need to reinstall the program to work on my genealogy as my hard drive went kaput and we know have a new computer and operating system. We are running Windows XP now. Is there any way I can just buy the installation CD as I still have the manual for the 2006 Family Tree Maker Collector's 15th Edition released in 2006?
2009-01-06 17:56:39
My windows XP won't run my family tree maker version 5.0. I have the start-up cd, have tried the compatibility mode wizard without any success.

I have hundreds of names in the family tree and do not want to have to re-enter data. I want to update info (which I haven't done for 5-6 years), any help would be appreciated.
2009-05-04 12:24:09
I have FTM 2009 and have backed up to Click Free regularly. My Dell crashed when I was uploading Microsoft SP1 and I cannot find any of the family files on the backup. I did however, locate all media files. Anybody know why and if the file may be hidden? I don't think so, but I hope.
2009-06-29 08:59:16
Seeking Help with FTM 5.0 a ancient version...please!

After ignoring my FTM for years, I now want to update information and find that each time I open the program an additional file extension is added (name.FBK. FBK. FBK. FBK....) At the same time information added does not save. Mine is Family Tree Maker 5.0 for Windows. Am I opening and closing the program incorrectly? 10-15 years have passed since I've actively worked with the program.
2010-09-14 10:23:45
For about 12 years I have had FTM Version 5.0 and have been happy with it. I feel I should update this and don't know whether to go for 5.0a and 5.0b if I can locate where to do this, or buy the latest version, but would it take on my ancient 5.0 version? I would be grateful for some help on this. I have just bought Windows 7 but have left my family tree on the other computer which has XP.
2011-05-16 06:59:16
I started using a Family Tree Maker programme in 1999 on Windows 98. I was using both English and Greek names. I subsequently bought an FTM version 16 and everything worked perfectly well.

I recently moved to Windows XP. the program works but whilst all English names appear accurately all Greek names appear but in incomprehensible letters, symbols, lettersetc. Can anyone help?