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Adobe Encapsulated PostScript Format

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EPSF is an acronym for "Encapsulated PostScript Format". Files with the EPSF extension are documents created using the PostScript concatenative programming language developed by Adobe Systems and used mostly within desktop publishing. PostScript files are self-contained documents that follow the DSC (Document Structuring Conventions) set of standards.

The Encapsulated PostScript Format is mostly used for saving documents which can contain text, raster graphics, vector graphics and a set of page formatting properties. Additionally, EPSF files can contain printing instructions and a thumbnail image. This allows users to print the files directly using a PostScript compatible printer (equipped with onboard raster image processor) without having to open them in an application first.

EPSF files can also be imported into other PostScript documents (.PS extension). This makes document creation easier and allows file segmentation.

How to open EPSF Files

EPSF files can be opened with many vector graphics editing programs and drawing applications making them a popular choice for image transfer across different operating systems.

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2009-09-08 15:07:02
EPS files are used for emailing vector line art in the sign making industry.