.EPL File Extension

Eltron Printer Language File

Developer File
Contains instructions for a label printer, these .EPL files used the Eltron Print Language to send printing instructions to a compatible printer.

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    Rick Akers
    2010-12-02 00:12:43
    I have received a file as attachment to an email with what is supposed to be a FEDEX label. File has .epl extension. I want to print the file to LP2844 Thermal Printer. Any idea how I can do that.
    copy pasted from a handy
    2011-03-20 00:48:55
    Printing Thermal Labels from command line

    Thermal label image files can be sent to the printer from the command line, without ShipWorks.

    If the printer is connected to a well-known port (LPT1, COM1, COM2, etc)

    From the command line, run: copy labelimage.epl2 LPT1

    If the printer is connected to a port like USB002

    1. Share the printer. ex. MyThermal
    2. Connect to the printer: net use computernameMyThermal LPT2 /yes
    3. Copy the file to LPT2: copy labelimage.epl2 LPT2