.EPD File Extension

Express Publisher File

The .EPD file format was used by Express Publisher, an early desktop publishing application.

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Mary Liotto
2009-12-08 11:09:25
I used Express Publisher years ago on my first dos based computer. I still have some files I need to convert. Express Publisher is similar to Microsoft Publishing. The extensions are different so you cannot open EPD extension without the proper software. I cannot find any software that will open EPD extension. I have a large document that I would love to retrieve instead of retyping it.
Hendrik Roelofs
2011-04-07 10:21:39
I also used Express Publisher during the 1990s and now have a need to reopen the files, but no longer have a working Express Publisher. Can anyone help with converting, or opening these in a more up to date program, e.g. Word, or Framemaker?