.ELF File Extension

Executable File

Executable File
The File extension .ELF is a generic file extension often used for executable files, and is utilised by home games console systems such as the Playstation 1,2 and 3, the PSP and the Nintendo Wii.

The .ELF file format stands for 'Executable and Linking Format'

The .ELF executable file may contain executable libraries and/or various game data.

* Also used by some Unix based systems.

Other .ELF file extensions
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    2010-04-15 13:10:47
    I've heard that it's easier said than done to convert EXE to ELF.

    In PS2 emulation (on the system, not on a PC), some emulators come as as EXE file, because the programers assume you would burn it to a CDR.

    If possible, I would prefer to run it from a USB stick. Is there a way to run an EXE from a USB stick as if it were an ELF? (I know how to set-up CUE and CNF files, if that would help).