.EFX File Extension

eFax Document

Data File
Document file created with eFax, a fax service.

These .EFX files are used by eFax to both send and receive faxes. If receiving a fax, an email is received to a user's email inbox with an attachment which contains the body of the fax. If sending a fax, the user attaches an .EFX file to an email and sends through to eFax - who then strip the attachment and send the fax to the number in the header.

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Bert D'Agostino
2007-03-15 02:07:24
How do I open and read a file with the extension .efx

Stéphane Combet
2007-04-01 12:40:25
Same question as Bert. How do I open an .efx file received from J.Fax ??
2007-10-02 13:44:05

go to the above link...