.EDP File Extension

Darkroom Professional Photo Border File

Image File
Image file used by Darkroom professional to place a border/frame over a user's photos. These images use a proprietary format used exclusively by Darkroom.

These .EDP files basically add an additional layer over an existing photo or image, with the middle section being transparent.

Other .EDP file extensions
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    2011-04-01 21:00:19
    I am currently working at a portrait studio, and am looking for information about .EDP files. We use a program called Darkroom Professional 8.9 for photo viewing and editing. We have "greeting cards" which are essentially just borders for around the photos, and the majority of the borders have the .EDP extension. With a background in graphic design, I'm interested in whether or not I would be able to create my own borders for the photo studio, but I cant find any information on .EDP files. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.