.EC0 File Extension

MetroCount Traffic Data

Data File
Proprietary compressed data format used by 'MetroCount', a traffic analysis application.

MetroCount Traffic Executive (MTE) can export to other formats, such as CSV, TXT and XML.

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MIke Kenny, CEO
2010-02-02 03:01:31
Yes, the EC0 (Echo Charlie Zero) extension is from MetroCount(TM). MetroCount's compressed traffic data format, however this is a proprietary compression algorithm, so unfortunately we cant divulge how to create these files.

The only software which will interpret EC0 files is the LICENSE FREE* MetroCount Traffic Executive (MTE) package.

From within MTE EC0 files can be processed and exported into many common formats including CSV, TXT and XML. Contact MetroCount at for further details, or a copy of the software if you are a "legitimate organization or traffic data professional".