.DV File Extension

Digital Video File Format

Video File
.DV is a file format used by many different digital camcorders usually on Mini DV cassettes.

Though the DV format employs a form of lossy video compression (applied in real-time as you record with your camera), it is still memory-intensive. When transferred to a computer, a DV clip roughly requires 1GB storage per 5 minute video clip. When saved in the camera's raw DV format, the clipa can be processed in several editing programs.

In most cases the files are stored as QuickTime DV or Microsoft DV AVI.

Other .DV file extensions
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    2010-03-24 08:24:30
    Hello, I have been sent a .dv file and told that I my PC should read this file but it does not. I have Vegas9.0 and Pinnacle 12 installed, Vegas imports but I see only red markers on video time-line and it does not play, Pinnacle does not see it all. Quicktime will play the file but I need to edit the file first.

    Is this possible on the PC or would I need a Mac to accomplish this task.