.DML File Extension

Data Manipulation Language File

Data File
DML files are files that are used within data manipulation processes. DML files are generally used by computer programs and/or database users to insert, delete and update data in a database. The most popular type of DML file is an SQL database file which are used to read, update, delete, and insert data into database systems. These database systems may or may not allow for relational data relationships between the various data fields in the database, but may not always allow for this relational relationship.

Other .DML file extensions
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    Axel Ahlberg
    2008-04-15 07:19:48
    .DML refers to Data Manipulation Language file under a few different products. The one I am most familiar with is the Ab Initio engine for large scale data manipulation in a a highly parallel environment. The file contents are primarily formatted plain text descriptions of the layout of records specified in an Ab Initio syntax. Ab Initio is used extensively in Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) operations by high volume data processing organizations like banks, telecommunications companies, and credit reporting agencies.
    Marjolaine Bell
    2008-04-29 12:00:47

    I just receive my re-certified WD passport HD-160 GB.
    I transferred a folder of Photoshop TV programs in .mp4 files to the external drive.

    Now my files lost their names + they are in .dml extension and I cannot open them even when I transfer them back to my computer.
    Please HELP ME. I thought it would be easy and nice as using a flashdrive. I cannot even work from my Passport WD drive.

    Thank you so kindly, Marjolaine Bell
    Don martin
    2008-05-31 11:26:46
    I have the same problem as Marjolaine Bell

    I cant open the DML files from my Passport WD flashdrive

    Don Martin
    Axel Ahlberg
    2008-06-03 16:32:03
    I ran across this article about the WD products and there are some serious "gotchas" in using their backup software that may be the cause of both problems.

    Follow the link below and read the beginning and then look specifically at the article further down that describes what may be your problem. And we now know where another form of the DML extension is used - in WD Backup software.

    Article link
    2008-10-10 23:09:03
    I have the same problem with dml files. I have 4K+ songs, photos and data. I can't open it. I'm beginning to panic.
    2008-10-25 11:58:23
    i have the same problem as becky, axel, don, and marjolaine and the link that axwl mentioned is no longer there apparently. any other suggestion.
    2008-12-09 18:11:11
    Like all of you, I had the same problem and almost fainted. After spending the last 4 days formatting my hard disk, reinstalling Windows and then all my programs, I just could not sync my WD portable HD with my computer. I went to WD's site and found the article you will see below. Hope it helps.

    The error "The Dynamic Link Library libeay32.dll could not be found in the specified path" occurs when running WD Sync.

    This is caused by an incompatibility or conflict between the libeay32.dll file and the Windows Operating System installed on the target computer.

    To resolve this issue, please download the attached .zip file from the link below containing the files libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll. Extract these files (using an extraction utility such as WinZip) directly to the Passport hard drive in the same directory or folder containing WDSync.exe.

    2009-06-25 04:32:00
    I use adobe premiere pro 2 for editing my movies, and used to export avi file for making DVD. I used "ulead movie factory 3". Everything was OK but the quality of the final DVD was not impressing.

    So now I have began to use "ulead movie factory 6 plus" which gives great quality but it has a band on the sides of the main movie.

    I make one title, one highlights project and a main movie. The small clips like title and highlights which are usually less then 1 GB of avi file, and are perfect but the movie of half hour or more which size of avi file is more then 2GB to 10GB, its aspect ratio which I do not change but it changes in ulead DMF 6 plus, real is 720X576 but after importing it in ulead DMF it become less than 720 - it maybe 700 or 680 or so. Please help me. In the file properties it become MS AVI file open-DML, while other are only MS avi.