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Files with the extension .DCR are very similar to the popular flash file format (.SWF) - except that .DCR files are created using Adobe's Director application, not Adobe Flash.

The .DCR format is very popular on-line and is commonly used for creating browser-based games.

Director was originally created by Macromedia, who have since been acquired by Adobe.

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    Ron Raine
    2008-11-15 15:26:44
    I have several .dcr files which used to provide animations on my home web page. Now I just get a message that there is a "Missing Shockwave Decompression XTRA" and when I click on the OK a further message "Error playing Director movie" appears.

    I have updated Shockwave, Flash Player and Authorware_Web_Player_Plugin; but all to no avail.
    A name is just something
    2010-08-23 03:48:57
    Is there a browser-independent player for .dcr files? I wanted to be able to play this one game online, but I realized it was Shockwave, not Flash. Any help would be greatly appreciated.