.DCF File Extension

DRM Content Format File

Audio File
DCF (DRM Content Format) is a special media container format used for storing data encoded with a proprietary Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology for copy-protection.

DCF files are mostly used on cell phones (most notably on cell phones manufactured by Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson) for distributing paid ringtones, videos or wallpapers.

Content stored in DCF files is locked and becomes accessible only after undergoing DRM activation. During DRM activation, the cell phone connects to a remote DRM server, which authenticates with the phone, checks the rights object and if everything is valid - unlocks the content that's stored in the file.

Since DCF files are most commonly used for ringtones, they are often categorized as audio files, while they can actually contain a wide array of media types.

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    2010-03-16 09:47:59
    My Nokia N75 cell uses .dcf for the images purchased for wallpapers on the phone. I'd LOVE to find out how to convert them!