.DBK File Extension

Sony Xperia Phone Backup File

Backup File
The .DBK file extension belongs to files created by either Sony's "PC Companion" software or the older (Sony Ericsson) 'PC Suite' tool. Both applications are used to create backups of a user's personal data from Sony (or Sony Ericsson) phones.

These .DBK backup files typically contain phone settings and user data, such as:

- Contacts
- SMS Messages
- Calendar
- Bookmarks
- Tasks
- Notes
- Phone memory
- Memory card data (such as Photos and Video etc)

The only known way to recover the above data from a DBK file is with AmrakSoftware's PhoneMiner software.

The .DBK format is heavily compressed to reduce file size and is actually a container file, meaning it is a single file that holds many different types of files (databases).

Once a .dbk backup file has been created on your computer, you are then able to restore the data back to your phone, again using the PC Companion's restore function.

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    2009-10-21 13:38:27
    I am using Sony Ericsson W660 software, and performed a back up but the file format shows DBK - with what software can I read it?
    Elias Shaik
    2010-09-12 19:26:31
    If you are seeing only one contact then heres what you need to do. Go to Sony Ericsson's PC suite connect to your phone and select synchronization option and select contact and sync with outlook. You'll see all phone numbers in your outlook.
    2012-05-14 09:44:47
    i have .dbk files as backup files from my sony ericsson phone through PC Suite
    but now they update the PC Suite to PC Companion, and when i installed it there's no section where i can backup or restore these files to my phone

    i've been trying to look for a solution to open these files again but so far no such luck.
    please, if someone know how to add the app to backup and restore data in PC companion would you be kind enough to let me know
    or otherwise please list other apps that can access to these files

    thanks before, i'd really appreciate it if u can help me
    2012-10-24 15:09:05
    Thanks, phoneMiner worked great!