.CTG File Extension

Canon Digital Camera Catalog File

Miscellaneous File
CTG files are found on Canon digital camera memory cards and operate as data indexes for the image folders stored on the memory card. The indexed information is changed as the pictures that the information references are removed from the camera; the CTG file is removed completely when the folder containing the pictures is removed.

These files are proprietary and the information that they store is not known; they cannot be converted in to pictures since they do not contain image data.

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2011-01-29 16:16:44
What could have happened is that the computer software has now left its mark on the image file and made it incompatible with the Canon software and Canon camera, though why would you need to still view the photos on your camera?

Best thing I can suggest is to put the card back in the "sim" slot, as you call it and whilst you can see the image on the computer through the sim card, TRANSFER the image file to the computer (along with the others,as well if you want to keep them safe) and get them into a secure place - either CD DVD or another hard drive before you start messing with the images.

The general rule of thumb is to COPY (rather than just move) your images off the card onto the computer then edit them on the computer AWAY from the card AFTER making a copy that will remain untouched for the time being elsewhere. That way you always have a backup somewhere untouched until you finally store them safely, in case something goes wrong - like it has done here.

As I said, get the images copied from the card to somewhere safe for now, and try and work on a COPY on the hard drive. Hope this helps. It is a really awful feeling when you think you have lost a picture that is important. As a pro photographer I have had that feeling a lot, but when there is a backup at least all is not lost - just a bit of a faff instead :-)