.CSO File Extension

PSP Compressed ISO CD Disk Image

Disk Image File
The .CSO file extension is associated with the compression method used to create virtual disks or image files in the ISO format.

.CSO is generally associated with the PSP platform, where it is used to compress dumped playstation portable UMD games (universal media disks).

ISO stands for 'International/Industrial Standards Organisation'.

An image file is a copy of a cd, this is often used as a means around being asked to 'insert cd into drive' whilst playing copied games.

.CSO is currently the most used compression method with regards to PSP titles, this is mainly due to the fact that 'OE' i.e. open edition, and 'Devhook' two popular tools are able to read the .CSO format.

Other .CSO file extensions

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    2008-09-17 17:58:10
    I have a file having .cso extension, how do i open it? or burn it?
    2008-09-22 11:32:30
    I have a file with .cso extention. I have software named "Power ISO" but it does not work. So tell me the name of that software which can open the .CSO file?
    2008-10-01 13:37:31
    I have a file with >cso extension on PSP. Could you please let me know how to open this file and what software do I need
    2011-03-24 08:14:57
    I have game with extension .cso . Which software i used to open that file?