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Configuration file

Configuration File
CFG files, also known as configuration files, are used by many computer applications, processes and operating systems to define their initial settings.

Potentially, any computer program could use a configuration file (.cfg) so it is not possible to list them all here. However, the location of the .cfg file can often provide clues as to which program created/uses it.

These files are usually line based, meaning they contain one line per setting. However, configuration files do not have any set standards or strong conventions. Recently, XML and YAML have become a popular format for config files as the format provides well-defined syntaxes and tools are available to validate and verify the syntax.

Generally, configuration files are written in ASCII and can be opened using a standard text editor, although you'll need to make sure the configuration file is not in use and that any changes are not saved when closing the file (unless you know what you are changing is safe).

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2007-08-01 09:53:02
thank you for this information - it really helped
robert f
2007-12-09 02:08:19
My GPS unit has a .cfg file that contains the model information and product code. I want to tweak this information to include ownership information.

What do I need to do to be able to edit this .cfg file? Email me with your suggestions please.
2008-02-23 00:17:08
Can you please help me to open the .cfg file?
2009-01-13 02:00:03
Hi my phone camera isn't working; when i plug it into the computer with the USB it shows me the camera.cfg. how do I fix this?