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Corel Draw template

Image File
CDT files are created with CorelDRAW, a vector editor created and sold by the Canadian Corel Corporation headquartered in Ottawa. The latest version of the program (X6) was released in March 2012 and runs only on Microsoft Windows.

The CDT file format is proprietary (there is no CDT file format specification publicly available) and it's used by Corel as the default for saving image templates. CDT files contain preset properties that are attributed automatically to new images when created using a template. These properties include object fill and graphic settings, page styles, rulers, guidelines and grids.

Creating a new document from a template is done by accessing the File menu, selecting "New from template" and choosing the desired template from the list. Importing styles from a template to an already existing document is also possible through the Tools - Object styles menu by selecting the "Import, export or save defaults" flyout and clicking on the "Import Style Sheet" button.

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