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Corel Photo House Graphics

Image File
CCX files were created with Corel Photo House Graphics, a raster graphics editor created and sold by the Canadian Corel Corporation headquartered in Ottawa. The application was sometimes distributed for free with various image scanners such as the Hewlett Packard Scanjet. Corel Photo House Graphics was later replace by Corel Photo Paint.

The CCX file format is proprietary (there is no CCX file format specification publicly available) and it was used for saving compressed exchange files.

How to open CCX files

CCX files can be opened with Corel Photo House Graphics, earlier versions of Corel Photo Paint and XnView, an application available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

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2012-05-01 04:32:32
Corel Gallery is the software associated with this extension. I have the setup CD but I have Windows 7 now and even though I was able to install the program, it fails to open.