.BV1 File Extension

WordPerfect Overflow file (Document Insert Point) 1

The .BV1 extension is used by WordPerfect, a word processing program; at the height of its popularity in the late 1980s and early 1990s, it was the de facto standard word processor, but has since been eclipsed in sales by Microsoft Word.

Although the MS-DOS and Windows versions are best known, it has been available for a wide variety of computers and operating systems, including Mac OS, Linux, Apple II, most popular versions of Unix, VMS, Data General, System/370, AmigaOS, and Atari ST.

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Judy Hoskins
2008-07-15 13:24:23
I have an old copy of WordPerfect 5.0 on my system and still use it.

Today I was adding text to a WordPerfect document and saw an error message prompting me to "put Disk 2" back in (or something like that). I don't have any WordPerfect disks, and have seen this occasionally before, so I just closed my file, saving it.

When I reopened it, however, a lot of text was missing. Not just the newly added text, but some older text too. In the directory I found several files (with names like "WP }WP{") with today's date. One of them, with a .BV1 file extension, appears to contain the missing text, when I "view" it, but when I try to "retrieve" it nothing shows up. It will not "copy" or anything else, other than "view".

I've tried renaming the file with a .WP5 extension, but it still opens looking blank, although it apparently has the same amount of information per the directory. Any suggestions?