.BTN File Extension

Makeover Button (Buttonware)

Disk Image File
ButtonWare are no-longer in business, these files belong to an old shareware application which is now redundant.

Other .BTN file extensions
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    2008-12-22 21:42:55
    I was trying to clean up my files and I came across an icon whose extension was .btn I had not noticed one like that before so I Googled this page. What do I need to open the file (the .btn file)? I don't necessarily want to delete it without opening it to see what I am deleting, except at the same time I don't want to open it and unleash the devil into my computer. So what do you think I should do? Thanks
    Jay /
    2008-12-23 02:47:10
    Hi LwessTeach. Well, these files are pretty rare now and we have another .btn extension in our database (use the search function above).

    If you right-click the .btn file, and select 'open with' - which programs are listed as compatible?

    If your system's anit-virus is up-to-date then you should be ok opening them.
    stefano rizzo
    2010-08-31 09:11:27
    I have a huge button file library archive dating back from the 90s. Now with Windows 7 I cannot access it. Is there a conversion program available so that I do not lose all the work?
    2011-04-04 05:10:53
    What do I need to open the file (the .btn file)?