.BIN File Extension

AVG Anti-Virus Update File

Miscellaneous File
The .BIN format is used by the anti-virus application 'AVG' to store update information from the internet.

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    2009-03-19 04:36:00
    I can not update my AVG AntiVirus by a bin file. How can I update my AntiVirus by bin file?
    2009-03-26 19:54:48
    You can simply copy that downloaded update and paste it in the installed directory (where the avg is installed) in the updates folder. Then start avg and it will manually detect the update!
    2009-05-05 02:39:59
    I tried to install AVG free edition on 64 bit vista system with no luck. Once downloaded, when I try to open it, it asks what to open it with. I've tried several of the choices and only internet exporer gives any sort of error - MIME Type: application/x-msdownload.

    Others simply open the program that they are associated with such as Media Player, Paint, etc. I've just bought the computer & no one seems to know what's wrong.

    I have tried deleting and reinstalling and also tried another popular free anti virus from each time with the same problems. Both programs show vista compatible.

    Any help for someone over their head would be greatly appreciated!
    Ravinder Jangra
    2009-05-19 08:20:12
    How do I copy AVG Antivirus Update Files? Please give me the path
    2009-12-01 06:16:18
    is it possible to convert the update file into bits i.e 1's and 0', using a compiler